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Adv. Acting:  Week 2

(September 8-11 - half class)

To be an artist...

1.)  Watched an opening video of advice from an actor in the industry:  Jake Gyllenhaal

  • Journal:  What ideas shared by the actor did you find interesting, surprising, or helpful?

2.)  Re-visited:  To be an artist is to...

  • While most people focus on what IS, artists CREATE new realities.

  • Artists rarely grow/create without being influenced by the world around them.  To be an artist is to view the world differently and create/grow from it.

  • What are YOU reading, observing, listening to, experiencing RIGHT NOW that pushes you to think/create/grow?

3.)  Listened to portions of a podcast (with guest Arian Moayed) that has recently pushed Ms. Price to think/create/grow.

  • Journal (completed in class):  After each section students responded to prompts given in class.  (All students were present, so the questions are not posted here)

  • Discussed topics shared in the podcast:  The power of now; A+B=giraffe; Fear & Doubt, etc.

Go Deeper (Optional):  Give yourself permission to be creative | Ethan Hawke 

The IDEAS I appreciate in this video: 

  • The idea shared about whether or not human creativity matters.

  • The discussion of when art goes from luxury to sustenance. 

QUOTATIONS I love from this video:​

  • "Human creativity is nature manifest in us."

  • "When you get close to what you love, who you are is revealed to you...and it expands."

  • "Creativity is the way we heal eachother."  ("We come out of our corners and we start to witness eachothers' humanity.")

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