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Adv. Acting:  Week 1

(January 25-29, 2021)

Creative Collaboration

DAY 1:

1.)  Students who have previously taken the class shared the most valuable thing they've learned from taking Adv. Acting.

2.)  Students who are new to class shared one thing they hope they'll get out of Adv. Acting this semester.

3.)  Discussed the direction and focus of the course.

4.)  Discussed our potential production for the course:  THE GIVER

5.) Participated in a collaboration activity:  Light it up!  (If absent, this is not an assignment you need to make up.)

DAY 2:

1.)  Ms. Price passed out the class script ((THE GIVER) to each student.  (If Absent, see Ms. Price for your copy of the script.)

2.)  Ms. Price led students in an interactive and collaborative sharing/acting activity:  "Tell me Your Story"  (If absent, you do not need to make this up, but we will be de-briefing this activity next class.)

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