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Adv. Acting:  Week 3
(September 7-10, 2021)
Exploring THEMES for performance / Show Selection

DAYS 1-2:

1.) Reminder of show dates:  Week of December 6-10, 2021, which will include: 

  • 1 full after-school dress rehearsal

  • 1 full after-school tech rehearsal

  • 2 show days/nights 

  • (discussed preferences for number of performances)

2.) Continued creating original scenes based on 3 different clips of music that Ms. Price feels "evoke" the class' desired genre/style of show to perform.  

3.) Performed scenes and shared with class.  Discussed each as a class.

4.) Reflected in Process Journal (Google Classroom):  What did you LEARN in this "Creative Collaboration" process?  About creativity? About collaboration?

5.) Generated, as a class, a list of THEMES about which you are passionate.  (Ms. Price takes this, as well as your desired "style" into account when choosing your show.)

DAY 3:

1.) Reminder of show dates:  Week of December 6-10, 2021 (keep this week clear!)

2.) Reflected on themes shared yesterday in class (Ms. Price had them in her Keynote):

  • inequality / injustice

  • disadvantaged people

  • betrayal / rejection / destruction

  • rebellion / revolution / equality / bettering

  • refusal to help when it wouldn't "hurt" you

  • successful communication

  • diving into uncertainty

  • going out of your way to do good

  • ignorance / arrogance

  • bringing light to issues/problems

  • risk > unexpected success

  • sabotage of others for gain

  • noticing personal growth

  • family other than blood

  • uncertainty

3.) Ms. Price shared this semester's Adv. Acting Show Selection (based on students' chosen style & themes):  ELEPHANT MAN

4.) Discussed OTHER tasks for which students will be responsible (besides acting):

  • Promotions / Marketing

  • Design (set, costumes, props, sound, lights, etc.)

  • Ticketing Process and House 

  • Etc.

5.) Discussed:  

  • As we move forward, everyone will be working on different things simultaneously, therefore TRUST and SELF-MOTIVATION are imperative to succeed.

  • ALL individuals will be learning ALL parts of this how process, so be a learner!

  • Roles will NOT go to those who have not proven trust already ("You're always auditioning.")

6.) Discussed:  What do you believe to be the STEPS in a director's process? (assuming script & rights are already acquired)

7.) Learned the 5 phases of a Director's Process that we, as a class, will be embarking on:

  1. Phase 1:  Script Analysis (includes script study, character study, design process, research, formulating a Director's Concept, etc.)

  2. Phase 2:  Collaboration Process (includes communication with, & organization of, teams that will be working on the show; includes sharing vision, style, design, etc.)

  3. Phase 3:  Audition & Casting Process

  4. Phase 4: Rehearsal Process

  5. Phase 5:  Dress / Tech / Performance (when show is turned over to the SM)

8.) Completed an activity in which students read an ELEPHANT MAN overview (Google Classroom), and completed the following:

  • Highlight in YELLOW anything you find note-worthy or interesting (interesting themes; things that may be interesting to show on stage, etc.)

  • Highlight in GREEN any character(s) you think would be interesting to lay.

  • Highlight in ORANGE anything about which you'd like to know/learn more

DAY 4:  (most of class absent today)

1.) Reminder of show dates:  Week of December 6-10, 2021 (keep this week clear!)

2.) Received a script

3.) Finished yesterdays activity in Google Classroom (Elephant Man Overview)

4.) Completed an "Interest & Talent Survey" in Google Classroom so Ms. Price knows the roles and design teams you are most interested in.

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