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Adv. Acting:  Week 3

(May 4-8, 2020)

Creativity: Unique yet Universal

"The artist is not a man who describes, but a man who FEELS."

(e.e. cummings)

1.)  Optional - Watch:  A powerful way to unleash your creativity (above) | Tim Harford

What I like about this video:  It details a common creative habit of famous artists and scientists.   (This "habit" is especially accessible in the time we're living right now.) 

2.)  Watch:   How John Krasinski Fell in Love with Acting (2:25)

The Audition that Changed Josh Gad's Life Forever (5:08)

Sarah Paulson on Self Worth (3:19)

Jake Gyllenhaal Commits to His Roles to the Point of Absurdity (2:42)

Journal:  Advice from Actors (journal your thoughts while/after watching)

3.)  Rehearse/Perform:  Your Monologue - "CONTAINED"

Prepare your monologue performance.  The expectation is that you REHEARSE, MEMORIZE, and make CHOICES for your monologue performance before filming and uploading it to the shared drive in Google Classroom. 

  • As discussed in class, you must make choices for your monologue, and seek to perform it in a way that is stage-worthy.  You were also asked to film your performance in a space that best "supports" the content/message of your monologue (vs. an impersonal a blank wall). 

  • You were also asked in class to break your monologue into "beats" and choose at least 3 different "poses" in your chosen beat changes. (Please be sure your movement to the 3 different "poses" is motivated and please avoid "wandering", pacing, or unnecessary movement beyond your 3 motivated "poses".)

  • Your filmed performance (video) must be uploaded to the shared Google Classroom Drive by Thursday, 5/7 @ midnight to give me time to watch and grade before class.  (This is a Summative graded performance.  It will NOT be graded on "participation" but rather on your actor choices and your quality of work.)

  • Please reach out PRIOR to Wednesday 5/6 if you need help.  I'm happy to meet with you personally to coach you in your process or performance.  After 5/6 I will not be available due to my other teaching responsibilities/schedule.  Plan ahead, please.

4.)  Prepare:  Be ready for our Zoom Class on Friday. (ATTENDANCE is REQUIRED.)

Come prepared on Friday:​​

  • Watch at least 2 other monologues in the shared drive, and be ready to provide helpful feedback to those actors.  This will be a grade, so please come prepared.

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