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Adv. Acting:  Week 4

(September 21-25, 2020)

Thematic Storytelling

DAY 1:

(No class due to State Testing; No homework or lessons assigned.)

DAY 2:

1.)  Watched an opening video of advice from an actor in the industry:  Kate Winslet

  • Journal:  What ideas shared by the actor did you find interesting, surprising, or helpful?

2.) Re-visited:  Thematic Storytelling  (Stories: Legacies of who we are - Awele Makeba)

  • Discussed narratives (stories) that...

    • highlight a meaningful theme​

    • are socially responsible

    • are able to be dramatized

    • you care about

3.) Viewed & Categorized:  Discussed and categorized students' list of WHAT themes they're passionate about (from last week's journal entry).

  • The class' themes included:  Using power for good (origin stories); Consequences of division; The root of morality; The necessity of beauty; Coming of age/Breaking through molds; Power structure of inequality; Social Justice; Love​​ (b/c you never know a person's full story); Ripple Effect; Conformity; Importance of understanding nuance (not everything is good/bad/black/white); Reading; Maddening power of love; Man vs. System/Society; Father/Son Relationships (or lack thereof); Depression; Anxiety; Making assumptions; Changing perspectives

4.) Learned:  Discussed upcoming (first) acting assignment.  (Note:  This will be a PROCESS.  Nothing "due" yet other than searching for a narrative within your theme. See homework at the bottom of this page.)

  • ACTING PROMPT #1:  Thematic Storytelling  

    1. Choose a (socially responsible) THEME or TOPIC to explore (from your passion list).

    2. Find a narrative (story) that explores this topic/theme.  (Be sure your story is true, and is about a person/people.)

    3. Dramatize your story (give it life on stage.  This will most likely require a cutting (which you'll learn about later).

    4. Rehearse with KP as your acting coach to prepare your piece for performance.  (Process over product.)

    5. Perform your story using the techniques taught in class.  (This will include acting techniques such as off-stage focus, etc.)

5.)  Analyzed:  What were the STORYTELLING techniques used by Awele in her Thematic Storytelling?  (What did she DO to give her stories life?)

6.)  Watched:  KP's Theatre Class - Theatrical Conventions (start @ 2:47)

  • Learned about / discussed the use of "off-stage focus" and "audience focus" used in acting/storytelling on stage.

7.)  Watched:  Examples of using off-stage focus vs. audience focus in storytelling

8.)  HOMEWORK:  Explore stories within your theme.  FOCUS ON EXPLORING YOUR THEME, and stories will emerge. (Please trust me with this.)  Be a detective in "researching" your theme...let one finding lead to another.  (Your "findings" are due NEXT CLASS - Wednesday, September 30.)

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