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Adv. Acting:  Week 4
(February 13-17, 2023)
The Role of Director / Script Analysis

DAY 1:

1.) Reviewed the Show Dates/Dress Rehearsals for our Show: 

  • Monday, May 1:  in-class rehearsal / after-school DRESS REHEARSAL

  • Tuesday, May 2:  in-class rehearsal / after-school DRESS REHEARSAL

  • Wednesday, May 3: in-class rehearsal / SENIORS' LAST DAY

  • Thursday, May 4: in-class rehearsal / after-school DRESS REHEARSAL

  • Friday, May 5 (half day): FINAL DRESS REHEARSAL (noon-4:00)

  • Monday, May 8:  *possible after-school rehearsal Monday, May 8

  • Tuesday, May 9: in-class rehearsal / after-school DRESS REHEARSAL (Band Concert)

  • Wednesday, May 10:  2 SHOWS (6:00 & 8:00)

  • Thursday, May 11:  2 SHOWS (6:00 & 8:00)

2.) Ms. Price gave students a blank calendar of all class dates from now until the show dates. Students crossed out dates that we don't have school or class.  (This is the start to creating rehearsal/design calendars and learning about "backward design planning".

3.) Ms. Price gave students time to find an appropriate scene for auditions (for/from The 39 Steps).  

  • No more than 2-3 people can audition together

  • Choose a scene/character that you feel showcases your interest/talents the most.  (What types of things might she not already see in you that you'd like to showcase; what type of character would you like to play that can be better seen by your director in your audition?)

DAY 2:

1.) Students rehearsed their audition pieces.

2.) Students completed an Audition Form.

3.) Students were asked to take a Parent Letter home to their parents to sign and return by Friday, Feb 17 so that Ms. Price can communicate with parents and also so that she can cast the show in time for our first rehearsal on Tuesday, February 22.

4.) Students performed their audition pieces.

DAY 3:


1.) Performed final audition pieces.

2.) Reviewed the 5 phases of a Director's Process that we, as a class, will be embarking on:

  1. Phase 1:  Script Analysis (includes script study, character study, design process, research, formulating a Director's Concept, etc.)

  2. Phase 2:  Collaboration Process (includes communication with, & organization of, teams that will be working on the show; includes sharing vision, style, design, etc.)

  3. Phase 3:  Audition & Casting Process

  4. Phase 4: Rehearsal Process

  5. Phase 5:  Dress / Tech / Performance (when show is turned over to the SM)

3.) Discussed how this week we will be spending most of our time on Phase 1.  (Next week will start Phase 2.) 

4.) Discussed:  What do you feel a DIRECTOR does when reading a script?

5.) Ms. Price shared her process (of reading a script), and explained that we will ALL be walking through the same process together as part of the learning process surrounding our show.

  1. Read for STORY / IMPRESSIONS / FIRST FEELINGS (This is the closest I'll get feeling what an audience feels, so I always write those feelings in the margins of my script to remind me what I'm trying to create in specific moments on stage.)

  2. Read for DESIGN & CHARACTER (What do I want the show to look and feel like? How do I want the characters to present themselves to the world? How can this be reflected in my casting? What in the script supports these choices?)

  3. Read for PHILOSOPHICAL STATEMENTS & DESIGN CONCEPT (What is this show REALLY about and WHOSE story is it? What in the script gives me clues to the HEART of the show and how do I bring that forward in the telling of the story - whether it's literal or metaphorical?)

  4. Read for CASTING

  5. Read for LISTS (costume, prop, special effects, set, sound, lights) and EDITS

  6. Read for REHEARSAL UNITS (breakdown by scenes or characters) and REHEARSAL SCHEDULE (backwards design of calendar)

6.) Discussed WHO will be doing each of the above...

  1. everyone

  2. actors / costume / make-up

  3. director "with" the class

  4. director

  5. all design teams (set, props, costumes, make-up, lights, sound, etc.)

  6. director & SM

DAY 4:

1.) Collected Parent Letter from students


2.) Reminder of show dates & required after school rehearsals (see top of page).  

3.) Discussed character and design as a class.

4.)  Received Design Team Assignments.  (Check back for what was required today with your Assigned Design Role.)  

A note about casting:

Ms. Price's role in casting for this show:

  • Ms. Price reads what you WANT (1st through 3rd choices) and puts the info in a spreadsheet.

  • Ms. Price reads WHY you want those roles.

  • Ms. Price tries to put as many students as possible in their FIRST or SECOND choice of roles

  • Ms. Price then tries to figure out how to handle ALL roles - sometimes through doubling, etc.

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