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Adv. Acting:  Week 7
(October 6-8, 2021 - Fall Break Week)
Set Design & Show's Design Teams

DAY 1:  

1.) Reviewed the 5 phases of a Director's Process:

  1. Phase 1:  Script Analysis (includes script study, character study, design process, research, formulating a Director's Concept, etc.)

  2. Phase 2:  Collaboration Process (includes communication with, & organization of, teams that will be working on the show; includes sharing vision, style, design, etc.)

  3. Phase 3:  Audition & Casting Process

  4. Phase 4: Rehearsal Process

  5. Phase 5:  Dress / Tech / Performance (when show is turned over to the SM)

2.) Discussed how we may need to change the show dates due to Covid (lead out for 2 weeks).


3.) Taped out the set design on the black box floor

4.) Conducted individual research for the show.

Reminder of Design Teams:

  1. Costumes = Aidan, Cayden, Veronica, Zoe

  2. Props = Tanner, Drew, Ella (art)

  3. Set = Kendall & KP

  4. Make-up/Hair = Ashlynne

  5. Sound = Kendall & KP

  6. Lighting = Callum & Viv

DAY 2:  


1.)  Finished taping out the set

2.) Conducted design research for the show

  • Find in your script (highlight) all the needs that should be considered in your design area (with page #s and notes).

  • Consider how each thing (in your design area) must be used, or play, or function on stage.

  • After your discovery phase (after reading the script again), organize your findings in the Design Spreadsheet provided by Ms. Price in Google Classroom.

DAY 3:  (This was a 3-day week due to Fall Break)

1.)  Finished design research from last class

2.) Conducted add'l research helpful to the show:

  • life in a workhouse in 1800's

  • info about Leicester

  • Elephant Man's REAL condition (what they thought it was then & now)

  • 1884-1890 London

  • London Hospital (Whitechapel Road)

  • Medicine at the time

  • Anesthetic at the time / History and development of anesthetics

  • Darwinism at the time

  • Princess Alexandra & Prince of Wales

3.) Discussed research findings as a class

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