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Adv. Acting:  Week 8
(October 11-15, 2021)
Rehearsal Process - week 4

Reminder of Design Teams:

  1. Costumes = Aidan, Cayden, Veronica, Zoe

  2. Props = Tanner, Drew, Ella (art)

  3. Set = Kendall & KP

  4. Make-up/Hair = Ashlynne

  5. Sound = Kendall & KP

  6. Lighting = Callum & Viv

Reminder of Weekly Independent Learning: 

Ms. Price has curated learning for each of the design areas (on her website).  

  • You are responsible to do ONE learning activity per week as an ACTOR, and ONE learning activity per week as part of your DESIGN team.  (You can do at home or in class.)

  • The learning can be found at the bottom of the Adv. Acting webpage.  (There are 9 boxes - or click HERE.)


DAY 1:  

Today we reviewed all blocking for our show.

DAY 2:  

1.) Reviewed the design elements of the show that were important to us at the beginning of the process.

2.) Due to several student absences today, students were given in-class time to work on their required weekly independent learning.


DAY 3:  

1.) Began British dialect work, focusing on:  A's, R's, T's  (If absent, watch video HERE and practice on your own.)

2.) Reviewed the important aspects of Merrick's life by watching a short documentary video.

3.) Performed physical exercises for both Merrick and other characters in the show.

  • As part of the activities above, we reviewed Laban Movement (from Acting I) and analyzed our own characters' type of movement.

  • Discussed props/costume pieces that could help you better transition into your physical character.

DAY 4:

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