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Advanced Acting: Creative Collaboration Projects

Statement of Inquiry: 

Creativity is the process of having original ideas that have value.

What questions will help to drive our exploration in this unit

Q1:  What is creativity and where does it "come from"?  (conceptual)

Q2:  What are strong elements of creativity & expression? (factual)

         Q3:  How can individuals or groups express or change each other's perceptions of meaning/beauty?  (debatable)


What key concept is important in this unit?

AESTHETICS (the characteristics, creation, meaning and perception of beauty)

CREATIVITY (the process or ability to make or produce something new and original)



What related concepts (to relationships) will we focus on in this unit?

composition, expression, innovation, presentation



Which global context will help us explore important ideas in this unit?




What RUBRICS will be used to asseess students in this Unit?

IB Rubric:  Creative Collaboration Projects  (Criterion B:  Developing Skills)


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