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Advanced Acting: Producing a Show (Process)

Statement of Inquiry: 

The completion of all art is audience.

What questions will help to drive our exploration in this unit

Q1: How can energy, meaning, and mood be transferred between artist & audience?   (conceptual)

Q2:  What actor skills assist in audience understanding? (factual)

         Q3: Should a performance impact the actors or audience more? (debatable)


What key concept is important in this unit?

SYSTEMS (products are systems of components combined to carry out a specific function)

COMMUNICATION (a message between the artist and an audience, or between performers)



What related concepts (to relationships) will we focus on in this unit?

presentation, narrative, role



Which global context will help us explore important ideas in this unit?



What RUBRICS will be used to asseess students in this Unit?

IB Rubric:  Performance Self Analysis (Criterion D:  Responding)


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