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Reading:   Director's Concept

Definition:  A central idea that unifies all elements of the production to make it unique. 

Text:  Thinking Like a Director (Chapter #3:  Interpreting the Action - pgs 31-32 only)

Text:  Thinking Like a Director (Chapter #5:  Developing the Approach - pgs 69-77, 80 only)

My director’s concepts for three different shows were centered around the following words/phrases (in “quotations”).   Look at the pictures for each production (by clicking the title of the show), and observe the ways in which I sought to visualize my concept/metaphor on stage.  


Please write about your observations in a journal entry entitled “Director’s Concept Observations".

1.  The Crucible:  the "deconstruction" of a society pitted against eachother  (click HERE to read/see  more)

2.  Flowers for Algernon:  the "maze" of a changing mind  (click HERE to read/see more)

3.  Once on this Island:  peasants' collective "tale" of "two different worlds" that collide to show that "love is more powerful than death"  (click HERE to read my written Director's Concept for this show)

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