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Stagecraft Week 17  
(December 11-15, 2023)

Important terms/concepts/info are in RED.

Google Classroom assignments are in BLUE.

Ms. Price provides ALL learning for absent students in a self-directed format.

If absent, read & understand/complete each day's activities below.  You are EXPECTED to keep up with what's going on in class.


This week's lessons are focused on...  


In this Stagecraft unit, we are learning about THE PROCESS OF (SCENIC/SET) DESIGN.

So far we've learned the following about the process of theatrical (Scenic) design:

1.) Often, design starts with an overall FEELING or mood that the designer hopes to achieve for an audience.

2.) Designers read the script to determine what  NEEDS to be included in their designs.  (Needs are both stated and implied in the script.)

3.) Designers speak (early on) with the production's Director to understand her/his vision for the show.

4.) Designers conduct RESEARCH for design-related needs, as well as for their own design ideas.

5.) Many designs "start" with an INSPIRATION image, idea, or item that has surfaced during the design process.

6.) Designers create an overall DESIGN CONCEPT that drives all design decisions.

7.) Making IDEAS visible to others is important with design. One way to initially do this is by creating "NAPKIN SKETCHES" (informal drawings of your set design ideas and how you plan to have your designs "function"). 

Day 1:  (see day 4 from LAST week)

Days 2-4:  Preparing Design Presentation / Design Meetings

1.) Prepared Set Design Presentations (see rubrics below)


2.)  Ms. Price/Logan/John met with remaining groups in Design Meetings.

2.) Reviewed what should be included in your Design Presentation ( If absent , be sure to read rubrics)

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