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Stagecraft:  Week 4
(February 13-17, 2023)

Important terms are in RED.

Google Classroom assignments are in BLUE.

If ABSENT, you are REQUIRED to read / understand / do all activities posted for that day, even if it's not an "assignment"/homework. 

DAYS 1-2:   Casters & Priming / New stage terms 

1.) Annoncement:  

  • There will be a SUMMATIVE QUIZ FRIDAY ON: on Stages, Stage Terms, & Materials used to Build Flats/Platforms

  • Everyone:  Bring paint clothes!

  • In order to study/prepare for your quiz, re-watch, or study your Google Classroom CLASS NOTES from:

    • Video:  KP's Theatre Class - Types of Stages (Notes in your Google Classroom CLASS NOTES)​

    • Video:  KP's Theatre Class - Stage Terms (Notes in your Google Classroom CLASS NOTES)

    • Google Classroom CLASS NOTES:  Materials used to build flats & platforms

2.) Reviewed various stage terms learned in class.

3.)  Learned  about casters, caster blocks, and wagon locks/brakes (and how to install each).  Click HERE for more info (also available in Google Classroom - CLASS NOTES Journal).

1/2 of class:

Worked in scene shop to finish building flats/platforms.  

  • Phase 2 for girls:  Prime your flat

  • Phase 2 for guys:  Caster your platform and install wagon locks/breaks.

  • When finished:  All group members sign the back of your flat/platform

Other 1/2 of class:

1.)  Read/Skimmed (with a partner):  "The Performance Space (reading)(click doc to see/read; also available in Google Classroom) If absent, be sure to read and learn about any NEW terms we have not yet covered in class!

  • Discussed (and looked at pictures of) a few new terms, including...

    • Props table = a table backstage that holds all the show's props.  The table is sectioned off and labeled so each prop has a "home".  ​

    • Cyclorama = a white fabric "drop" that can be lit any color (gives the feeling of vastness, allowing for quick changes of color/mood)

    • Scrim = a "screen-like" drop that can be lit from either in front or behind.  When lit from in front, the objects behind it look opaque.  When lit from behind, objects look translucent.

    • Stage Directions = a language of directions given to the actors by the director that tell them where to go/be on stage.  It includes up/downstage and stage left/right.  

2.) Learned about Stage Directions and practiced as a class. 

3.) Participated in a Picture Hunt in the theatre.  (In Google Classroom - "Stage Terms in OHS Theatre" - completed with a partner for a grade)

DAY 3: Review Game

1.) Reminder 

  • There will be a SUMMATIVE QUIZ NEXT CLASS on Stages, Stage Terms, & Materials used to Build Flats/Platforms (see #1 under Day 1 above)

2.) Played a game as a class in order to review for Friday's Summative Quiz.

REMINDER:  Remember to study for your Summative quiz!  (Study your notes on Types of Stages Stage Terms)

DAY 4:  Debrief / Summative Quiz  (SNOW DAY)

1.)  Completed (individually):  "Reflection - Building a Flat/Platform" (in Google Classroom)  If absent, be sure to do this on your own.  Due TODAY.

2.) Debriefed (in class):  Guys partnered with girls and partners debriefed about the experience of building a flat/platform (teacher-led debrief).


3.) Demonstrated knowledge of theatre terms and concepts learned so far in Stagecraft by completing a SUMMATIVE QUIZ

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