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Stagecraft:  Week 8 
(October 11-13, 2023) - Fall Break week

Important terms are in RED.

Google Classroom assignments are in BLUE.

If ABSENT, you are REQUIRED to read / understand / do all activities posted for that day, even if it's not an "assignment".  

Day 1: Lighting Design Basics

1.) Students chose an individual goal for Week 8  in their REFLECTION JOURNALS in Google Classroom.   (Students also reflected on last week's individual goal.  (See "End of week" at the bottom of Week 7 and answer question.)   If absent, be sure to complete on your own.

2.) Watched a video about lighting in Hamilton and reflected on learning in  REFLECTION JOURNALS in Google Classroom. Journal Title: Hamilton Lighting - List 2-3 things you found surprising/interesting/new.  (If ABSENT, watch video HERE and complete journal entry on your own.)

3.) Reviewed parts of a lighting fixture, names of lighting fixtures, gels, gobos, conventional lights, practicals, and the job of a lighting designer.

4.) Watched a video on Lighting Design Basics (If ABSENT, watch video HERE.)  (Students who missed on-stage tutorials last week went down to the stage with John/Sam during this video.  If you were making up these tutorials, you're still required to watch the Lighting Design Basics video ON YOUR OWN.)

Day 2: Board Operators (Lighting & Sound)

1.)  Watched a video   (Working in Theatre: Sound & Light Board Operators - 4:00) and reflected on 2-3 things that you learned about light/sound (in Google ClassroomREFLECTION JOURNAL week 8). Title:  Light & Sound Board Operators)  If absent, be sure to do this on your own.

2.) Learned how to properly wrap a cord (sound cable, etc.)

3.) Went to scene shop for Set Building


Day 3: Set Building

WANT TO LEARN MORE? (optional)


Additional Videos on Fly Lines:


Additional Videos on Lighting:

Additional Videos on Sound:

  • Sound Mixing of Hamilton

Additional Videos on Special Effects on Stage: 

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