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the role of the SOUND designer

If you chose to serve on the   SOUND DESIGN TEAM for this semester's Advanced Acting show, you are responsible for participating in design team meetings as well as growing as a designer during the rehearsal and performance process.


If serving on the Sound Design Team, you are ALSO responsible for independently learning about the role & tasks of a sound designer.

Please be sure you collect/document your learning and your design journey in your  Process Journal.

part III: dress/tech rehearsals



Task #1: DRESS/TECH DEADLINE (Formative Grade):   Prior to Dress/Tech rehearsals, all sound design must be loaded in Qlab and tested (with director-desired levels), and speakers must be hung, tested, and ready for the Tech rehearsal.  It's preferable that a dry run (with the SM/ Director) has been completed PRIOR to the first tech rehearsal, in order to ensure that the tech rehearsal runs more smoothly and everyone's time is respected.

Task #2: WATCH & RESPOND (Formative Grade)

Video:  Behind the Scenes at Disney's Aladdin

Journal Title:  Calltime​ / Pre-Show Checklist

1. In professional theatre, as shown in this video, what are the (specific) tasks performed by YOUR (assigned) role prior to a show?  

2.  What are some of the things that YOU could put on YOUR Pre-Show checklist to be sure our show runs smoothly?  (Think of ALL the things necessary from the time you enter the black box until the show starts, including things like "Where do I put my personal belongings?" or "Where should this prop be pre-set?" or "What's the best place for this quick change to happen?" Etc.  Don't forget to include "sign in" on your checklist.)

Task #3: PRE-SHOW CHECKLIST  (Formative Grade):  You will create YOUR Pre-Show & Post-Show Checklist with ALL tasks (that pertain to sound) to consider prior to the show.  This MUST be well-thought out and completed/hung up PRIOR to the FIRST dress/tech rehearsal.  Type and print your checklist (with your name in large font at the top) and tape it to the sound board.  (Keep in mind that you will most likely need to add to this list from things you learn or are reminded of in dress/tech rehearsals.


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