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Stagecraft:  Week 1
(August 24-25, 2023)

Important terms are in RED.

Google Classroom assignments/tasks are in BLUE.

If ABSENT, you are REQUIRED to read / understand / do all activities posted for that day, even if it's not an "assignment".  

Day 1:  The world backstage

1.)  Participated in "Welcome Back" activities in class.  (Learning about eachother)

2.)  Discussed purpose of the course:

  • To learn backstage theatre through active involvement in it.

  • To be involved in each area of backstage theatre through activities geared toward "sampling" each.

3.)  Watched a video of the "world backstage" and all the jobs involved in that "world".  (Click video featured at the top of this page)  

  • Analyze:  What skills might be required to make a production as big as this one "work"?  Backstage? Planning Phase?  Etc.

  • Discuss:  What did you find interesting, surprising, or new?  What's one thing/job you'd like to try or do?

4.)  Discussed  the "life skills" that will benefit students in this class:

  • ability to effectively use various tools

  • problem-solving skills

  • people skills / job skills

  • creativity / out-of-the-box thinking

5.) Discussed the roles of each of the teachers in the course:  Ms. Price, John, & Logan  (each introduced her/himself)

6.) Received a syllabus and discussed.

7.) Toured the theatre, the scene shop, and the adjoining theatre spaces.

Day 2: The "world of the play"

1.) Reviewed purpose of the course (see above under Day 1)

2.) Learned how scenic designers envision the "world of the play" (what the musical/play should "feel"/look like) and what it takes to create those "worlds".


3.) Watched & Discussed a scenic designer (David Korins) discuss his designs in two different shows:  Misery & Hamilton (if absent, click to watch each)

4.) Played a name game to learn/review each other's names.

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