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Stagecraft Week 10:  What's BACK there? 

(Props & Costumes)

April 5-9, 2021 - HYBRID

Important terms are in RED.

Google Classroom assignments are in BLUE.

If ABSENT, you are REQUIRED to read / understand / do all activities posted for that day, even if it's not an "assignment".  

DAY 1:

1.)  Chose an area (from the IB Learner Profile) to individually focus on this week.  (If Absent, be sure to complete this under Week 10 in your REFLECTION JOURNAL in Google Classroom.  Discussed the class focus of PROBLEM-SOLVING for this week.


2.) Watched a video (Props of Hamilton) and responded in Google Classroom REFLECTION JOURNAL (Journal Title:  Props in Hamilton) about 2-3 things you learned about problem-solving with props from this video.

3.) Discussed last/this week's 2 projects:  

  • With a partner, create a Groundplan of the OHS Stage (in 1/2 inch scale)

  • With a team, create a Props Table  (with props from a list assigned by Ms. Price)

4.) Received group props lists & went to the props room with KP (in pairs) to gather props needed for your props tables.

5.)  Watched a video a video (Specialty Props) and responded in REFLECTION JOURNAL (Journal Title:  Specialty Props) about 2-3 things you learned about props design or problem solving with speciality props.

6.)  Learned about tips in creating an organized/usable props table for backstage.

  • Create an orderly props table

    • arrange props in "show order" (Note:  depending on where actors are coming on stage there may be props tables on backstage BOTH sides of the stage)​

    • very large props could go under the props table

    • if using paper on the table (instead of spike tape), tape down the paper edges

    • maximize space...don't have big blank spaces

  • Create a props table that is easily visible to actors

    • install backstage blue lights for visibility near your props table​

    • put taller items at the BACK of the props table, so all items can be seen

  • Create a safe props table that is safe

    • put breakable items near the back (if the back of the table is up against a wall)​

    • don't lean items that can fall

    • if using weapons, there are special rules for safety (stage weapons are not left out on props tables, generally)

7.) Collaborated with partner/groups on finishing groundplans, collecting needed props, and creating props tables.​ 

8.)  Worked on planning/creating props (from your props list) that could not be found in the props room.  Note:  There is one prop on each props list that must be made/created by the group.

9.) Discussed NEXT part of "WHAT'S BACK THERE" unit:  Costumes, Hair, Make-up

10.) Watched a video (Working in Theatre: Costume Designer) and responded in Google Classroom REFLECTION JOURNAL (Journal Title:  Role of a Costume Designer) about 3 things you learned about the role and responsibilities of a costume designer from the video.

Go Deeper (Optional):

Learn about Wigs & Make-up

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