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Stagecraft Week 11:  What's BACK there? 

(Costumes, Make-up, & Wigs)

November 9-13, 2020

IF ABSENT for the "Quick Change" Assignment, DO the following:

1.) Watch/Re-watch the following examples of "quick changes" on stage

2.) Determine the following:

  • What specific things did you notice happening (with both actor and "dressers" during the quick changes featured?

  • What types of things would need to be considered or set up to do effective quick changes?

3.) Re-Read the Costume Quick Change Instructions provided last week (click HERE)

4.) Design a fictional "quick change" by following the instructions in the Quick Change document above; use a family member as the "actor" and you as the "dresser".  (You can recruit other family members to help be "dressers" if you'd like, but be sure they are instructed in the process, as described above.)

5.)  Plan for your quick change to include removing the following from your "actor":​

​a.) button up shirt (be sure your "actor" has another shirt underneath LOL)

b.) hat

c.) shoes (slip-on) 

6.) Plan for your quick change to include adding (or changing) the following on your "actor":

a.) hat OR scarf

b.) shoes (laces)

c.) jacket OR cardigan

d.) shirt (style is your choice)

e.) a face mask (extra credit)

f.) a hand prop (your choice)

7.)  Film your quick change with your "actor" walking 5 paces to your set-up area/chair (as though walking "off-stage" to the quick change).  The "actor" can begin the quick change process as soon as (s)he starts walking. 

8.)  Upload your video to our shared Google Classroom Drive and e-mail Ms. Price to let her know it's there. (If you have any problems uploading, be sure to let Ms. Price know right away.)

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