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Stagecraft:  Week 3

(May 4-8, 2020)

Our current unit in Stagecraft is "WHAT'S BACK THERE?"

As you've already learned, if you were to go BACKSTAGE during a production, you'd see the RUNNING CREW / DECK CREW helping to power scene changes and all the other "magic" that happens on stage.  You'd also see people working with PROPS & FLY LINES.  And you'd see the backstage coordination of all of a STAGE MANAGER'S cues.  Additionally, prior to (and sometimes during) a show, you'd see professionals working on actors' COSTUMES, HAIR, and MAKE-UP.   

This week's unit is focused on: 


1.  Watch:  "The Journey of the Dress" (above).  What do you find interesting or surprising?

2.  Watch:  Costumes in PHANTOM (8:43)

Journal:  Costuming Phantom

1.) What is a "quick change" room.

2.) What types of things (other than the costume) does a costume designer have to think about when designing costumes for a show?

3.) What are some things wardrobe do to maintain costumes (for a long-running show)?

4.) What sort of organization did you notice in the quick change room?

5.) What are some details about costuming you found interesting in this video?

3. Watch:  A Theatre's Costume Shop (7:25) 

Journal:  Role of a Costume Shop Manager

1.) What is the role of a costume shop manager?

2.) Who and what do you deal with as a costume designer?  (ex:  director...)

3.) What are some things you notice or find interesting about the costume shop featured in this video?

4.  Watch:  Quick Changes - Mary Poppins  (2:06 - watch once, then watch a 2nd time to take notes)

5.  Watch:  Quick Changes - Groundhog Day  (2:21)

Journal:  Costume Quick Changes

1.)  What specific things did you notice happening (with both actor and "dressers" during the quick changes featured?

2.) What types of things would need to be considered or set up to do effective quick changes?

6.  Read:  Quick Change Stations (notice what needs to be prepped, and in what order, for a quick change)

7.  Do:  As described in class in Friday's Zoom class (on 5/1), you will be making a "Props Table".  See assignment instructions in Google Classroom.  A photo of your props table must be uploaded to the drive provided by 9 a.m. on 5/8.  Have fun!

7. OPTIONAL:  Learn about Wigs & Make-up

For Friday's Zoom Class: 

  • Come prepared to discuss the above learning experiences. 

  • A "weekend" assignment will be given.

  • Zoom access code is available on Haiku

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