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Sanctuary above the Chaos (Quarantine Day 1)

My sister made me this piece of art for Christmas. She told me once that my 2nd floor bungalow bedroom felt like a “sanctuary above all the chaos”.

At the time my entire home (except my bedroom) was under construction, I had a “prison toilet”, I was in a rough start to my 2nd year at a new job, I was in a new town with no friends or family, and I had just had surgery that required a 6 week recovery. It was a difficult time to say the least.

My life has changed in so many ways since then...ways I could never have imagined at that time. And although my life hasn’t become any less chaotic, I try to keep the sanctuary of my mind at peace despite the many storms & setbacks I encounter. I believe I’m far more resilient now than I was back then. Sure, the storms suck me (and sometimes those around me) in at times, but I know I can conquer and thrive in any situation if I just keep my wits about me.

Friends, let’s keep our minds at peace during this challenging time. Don’t get sucked into the chaos. Create a sanctuary & thrive in it. Use this time “off”, as I am, to do all the things you say you never have time to do. Create. Organize. Connect. Prove who you are at your core. Don’t waste this time. It’s a gift if you accept it.Of course, above all else, be smart & stay safe. I will be in quarantine alone because I live alone. You can do it! You can avoid people & crowds & vacations & church/school/shows (or any of your other former non-negotiables) for the safety of OTHERS. We’re all in this together. 💕#livingsantuary #liveabovechaos.

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