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Stagecraft Show Project: 


For this project, the student must design costumes for 5 principal characters this year's OHS show.  The student must provide color renderings and rationale for costume choices.  For his/her presentation to the class, the student will share how and why they chose the designs they did, and share their drawings with a brief description and rationale for each.  Students are encouraged to show fabric swatches, inspirational photos, or any other process-related elements that assisted them in their design.


In designing costumes for the principal characters (minimum of 5), you must...

1.)  READ the entire play/musical

2.)  Determine the principal characters for whom you will be designing and do a character study of each

3.)  avoid “copying” existing designs.  Be creative and think like a designer when creating your costume/design concepts.

4.) Create professional-looking color renderings to show your costume designs for each character.

5.) Each color rendering must include:  character’s name, Act, & Scene (this information must be written on the rendering/design board)

6.)  If desired:  Build an actual costume, or costume piece.


For your presentation to the class, be sure to have the following:

1.)  Your 5 costume designs well displayed

2.)  Your design concept and how it influenced your design

3.)  Your designer’s notebook, and any inspirational images or pieces that directed you in your design

You can use powerpoint, videos, or any other creative ways you choose to present your designs, but whatever you do, be sure to prepare an actual PRESENTATION of your work.  (Don’t “wing” it.)





For a description of a costume designer’s role, click HERE.


To see costume renderings & HEAR a costume designer explain his/her designs:

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