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Weeks 2-3: A Director's Homework

Readings & Questions:   

Analyzing Theatre as Art  (and answer questions in your journal)

A Director's Homework - chapter #3 section only (and answer questions in your journal)

Director's Concept (and follow the writing prompt given)

Directing Projects:

  • Do your own "Director's Homework".  (Much of your "director's homework" will be done by answering your journal questions, but make sure you have a metaphor, and your written Director's concept for the piece you are directing.) 

  • Create a collage for your directing piece.  Think in terms of colors and textures, and NOT words (which can be too literal).  Images can be used (sparingly), but the focus should be on metaphor and your overall concept, and not just a bunch of pictures about the play.

What we'll discuss at Mentor Meeting:

(Schedule week 2 & 3's mentor meetings to discuss your ongoing progress/questions and/or your directing piece;

Schedule week 4's meeting to discuss what is lited below...) 

  1. We will discuss your reflections on all of the above readings, plus the remaining passages listed on  A Director's Homework webpage (be sure to come with your journal and answered questions)

  2. Your Director's Homework

  3. Your collage

  4. Any questions you have about your directing piece

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