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Adv. Acting:  Week 6
(September 26-30, 2022)
Set Design & Show's Design Teams

DAY 1: 

1.) Reviewed the 5 phases of a show's Process:

  1. Phase 1:  Script Analysis (includes script study, character study, design process, research, formulating a Director's Concept, etc.)

  2. Phase 2:  Collaboration Process (includes communication with, & organization of, teams that will be working on the show; includes sharing vision, style, design, etc.)

  3. Phase 3:  Audition & Casting Process

  4. Phase 4: Rehearsal Process

  5. Phase 5:  Dress / Tech / Performance (when show is turned over to the SM)

2.) Learned about Philosophical Statements and how they can drive a director's decisions for a show.  (For More information, click HERE to learn about how Ms. Price used these statements to determine the show concept for Mary Poppins.)

2.) Discussed how this week we will be spending our time creating a set design so we can begin rehearsals.  

3.) Reviewed:

  1. A show's DIRECTOR can't begin directing without knowing...?

    • Their design/director's CONCEPT

    • The SET


3.) Reviewed director's concept and how it lead to the design for the fall play.

4.) Observed various set design concepts from several versions of the fall play that were staged elsewhere, and discussed how a different concept can lead to a different design.

5.) (Finished) reading the fall play script.

DAY 2:  

DAY 3:

DAY 4: 

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