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Theatre & Acting Teachers / Professors:

Feel free to use any of the following videos for Distance Learning during the Covid19 Shutdown. 

More resources available at

(Note: Most videos were produced more than a decade ago, but the principles and information are current.

Don't hesitate to reach out if needed:


explains the big idea of "composition" as it relates to art & theatre (and the characteristics of strong composition on stage)

(Notes available HERE)

Types of Stages

explains the different types of stages and how shows function in each: proscenium, thrust, arena, and flexible

(Notes available HERE)

Stage Directions

explains the role of the director, stage directions, and terms/tips for movement on stage

(Notes available HERE)

Stage Terms

explains various on/backstage theatre terms  (terms such as border, legs, house, orchestra seating, scene shop, etc.)

(Notes available HERE)

Plot (Dramatic Structure)

explains"Freytag's Pyramid" and the plot terms associated with it (exposition, conflict, build, crisis, climax, denouement)

(Notes available HERE)


describes ways to develop a believable character for performance (also highlights some physical acting techniques)

(Notes available HERE)

(Laban Movement handout HERE)

A Character's "Wants" (i.e. Intention / Motivation)

explains how to create a character through his/her wants (also describes "The Method" & how to "verb" a character's lines)

(Notes available HERE)

Blocking (creating movement in a scene/play)

explains types of blocking and how to create strong blocking on stage

(Notes available HERE)

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