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Stagecraft Week 16 

(May 17-21, 2021)

Important terms/concepts/info are in RED.

Google Classroom assignments are in BLUE.

Ms. Price provides ALL learning for absent students in a self-directed format so there is NO NEED TO ZOOM if quarantined

Just read & understand/complete each of the day's activities below.  You are EXPECTED to keep up with what's going on in class.

If absent or quarantined, read the following, and then complete the learning tasks under Day 1 & Day 2 below...


In this Stagecraft unit, we are learning about THE PROCESS OF DESIGN.

So far we've learned the following about the process of theatrical (Scenic) design:

1.) Often, design starts with an overall FEELING or mood that the designer hopes to achieve for an audience.

2.) Designers read the script to determine what  NEEDS to be included in their designs.  (Needs are both stated and implied in the script.)

3.) Designers speak (early on) with the production's Director to understand her/his vision for the show.

4.) Designers conduct RESEARCH for design-related needs, as well as for their own design ideas.

5.) Many designs "start" with an INSPIRATION image, idea, or item that has surfaced during the design process.

6.) Designers create an overall DESIGN CONCEPT that drives all design decisions.

7.) Making IDEAS visible to others is important with design. One way to initially do this is by creating "NAPKIN SKETCHES".

This week's lessons are focused on...  

PROCESS OF (SCENIC) DESIGN:  Design Concept/Aesthetic & Napkin Sketches

Day 1: Design AESTHETIC

1.  Choose your INDIVIDUAL focus for the week and write it in your Process Journal in Google Classroom under Week 16.  If absent or quarantined, be sure complete for this week.

2.   If absent or quarantined, be sure you've read all of the above, and also completed last week's learning if you haven't already.  Remember, design is a PROCESS, so following the process in order is very helpful.

3. Discussed the Design Meeting process required for next class:  Be sure you've completed the learning and learning tasks up to this point so that your discussion of your design (with the course instructors) is a beneficial experience.  (Read Design Meeting Rubric HERE)   

  • If absent or quarantined, be sure you're caught up with all your learning and are ready for your design meeting with instructors upon your return.  This meeting is to HELP you with your ideas and to collaborate for even stronger ideas/design concepts.

4. Watched:  Set Tour with Designer David Korins | Beetlejuice  (7:22)   If absent or quarantined, be sure to watch these videos and answer the questions below in your Google Classroom Reflection Journal.

Journal Title:  Scenic Design (Beetlejuice)  (week 16 - day 1)

1.) What were some NEEDS for the design?

2.)  What things INSPIRED the design?

3.) What is "aesthetic" and how does it impact an overall design?

4.) What types of things helped to establish the "AESTHETIC" of each of the houses in Beetlejuice?

5.  Journal in Google Classroom Reflection Journal (If absent or quarantined, be sure to complete)

Journal Title:  Our Design Concept  (week 16 - day 1)

Describe your overall DESIGN CONCEPT and the AESTHETIC (what you want the design to FEEL like).  Why did you make these choices for your set design, and how do you hope to have this concept/aesthetic reflected in the LOOK of your sets?

6.  Begin Napkin Sketches of your Design Ideas for the 2 scenes & transition you've chosen to design for your musical.  (If absent or quarantined, be sure to discuss with your group & begin working on this.)

After making choices about the overall CONCEPT for your design, begin developing your set design for your scenes.  You will eventually create NAPKIN SKETCHES of your designs.  (Don't worry about "being able to draw"...this isn't art class.  The purpose of the "napkin sketches" is to make your IDEAS visible. If needed, re-watch video on napkin sketches HERE.)  

  • In your napkin sketch drawings/designs, try to incorporate the NEEDS of the scenes/transition, the results of your RESEARCH and INSPIRATION, and the overall FEEL (aesthetic) you're going for with your design. Think through (and show) what the design of your sets/transition will look like and how both will function.

  • You must also upload your "napkin sketches" to the Assignment (slideshow) entitled "Napkin Sketches (Scenic Design Project)" in Google Classroom BEFORE class on Wednesday, June 2.  

  • Your FINAL Design & Presentation is due on Friday, June 4.

  • Optional (Extra Credit):  If you're extra ambitious, you could create a colored drawing, photoshopped image of your space, or physical model of your design instead of napkin sketches only.  :)

Day 2:  COHESIVE Designs - what else is on stage?

1.  Watched:  KP Teaching Video - Creating a Cohesive Design (7:33)   If absent or quarantined, be sure to watch these videos and answer the questions below in your Google Classroom Reflection Journal.

Journal Title: Cohesive Design (week 16 - day 2)

After watching the video list 2-3 different spaces AROUND (above, behind, etc.) your set pieces that you should consider in your design.  What are some of your ideas of how to design those spaces to support your set pieces on stage?

2. Continue working on your Design Concept & Napkin Sketches (see #6 above) and prepare for your Design Meeting for NEXT CLASS.    (If absent or quarantined, be sure to continue this work with your group virtually.)

Note:  You can read/access your Final Musical Design Project assignment HERE the and the rubric  HERE.

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