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Acting Unit  3:  Scene

Art has the power to teach us about the universal human condition. 

What questions will help to drive our exploration in this unit?

                              Q1:  What can acting teach us about the human condition?                       

Q2:  How do our experiences influence our responses?

         Q3:  How does art imitate life (and vice versa)?                      



What key concept is important in this unit?

RELATIONSHIPS (the connections between objects, people, and ideas - including humanity's connection with the world)



What related concepts (to relationships) will we focus on in this unit?

interpretation, expression, presentation



Which global context will help us explore important ideas in this unit?



What "approaches to learning" (i.e. strategies & skills) will we use frequently in this unit?




What RUBRICS will be used to asseess students in this Unit?

Rubric #1:  Developing Skills  (used to assess students' acquisition & development of skills while participating in a director-led scene study)

Rubric #2:   Knowledge & Undersanding  (used to assess students' ability to critically analyze a script, and to transfer that analysis to the stage)

Rubric #3:  Thinking Creatively  (used to assess students' ability to explore ideas and then develop an artistic intention that translates to the stage)

Rubric #4:  Responding  (used to assess students' ability to evaluate elements of a piece of art by providing a written critique of a live stage show)

Rubric #5:  Responding  (used to assess students' ability to critically evaluate what they've learned from various theatrical experiences) (theatre hours)




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