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Acting:  Week 13 

(April 26-30, 2021)

Important topics/terms/instructions are in RED.

Google Classroom assignments are in BLUE.

Ms. Price provides ALL learning for absent students in a self-directed format so there is NO NEED TO ZOOM if quarantined

Just read & understand/complete each of the day's activities below.  You are EXPECTED to do so BEFORE returning.


Day 1: 

1.)  If absent or quarantined:  If you haven't already, please COMPLETE all of last week's learning activities.  (Click HERE.)

2.) Received the grading Rubric for students' monologue performance.  Click HERE. (This is how you will be graded...your grade is not based on how "well" you perform, but rather on how well you show your physical CHOICES for your be sure to make strong choices and find meaningful ways to show them.)  If absent or quarantined: Be sure to read the rubric provided.

6.) Learned about "shifts" in intention (or beats) in scenes, and students determined beats in their monologues by marking them on their scripts.  Ms. Price encouraged actors to alter their posture/pose in those beat change moments to indicate the shift in intention.

3.)  Watched 3 different movie monologues & analyzed:

  • Who was the monologue TO?

  • What (specifically) did the actor do PHYSICALLY that made their character engaging & believable?

  • What does the actor/monologue teach us about the HUMAN CONDITION?

4.) Reviewed:  When building a character for monologue performance...

  • Step #1:  Analyze the character's background (What do they bring to the scene from their past?)

  • Step #2:  Determine your character's Present/Given Circumstances (Where are they NOW in the scene and how are feeling, or what are they thinking about, in THIS  moment?  What do they want to do to the person with whom they are speaking WITH THESE WORDS?)

  • Step #3:  Make choices to SHOW your character PHYSICALLY, based on the above information.  (Tools for these choices were given in class:  Laban Movement, Leading Center, & Stage Business.)

5.) ​ Rehearsed monologues, with coaching by Ms. Price.  If absent or quarantined, be sure to follow the rehearsal advice given on day 2 of week 12 (by clicking HERE and reading the GREEN text at the bottom of the page). Be sure to rehearse your monologue at home!

Day 2: 

1.) Performed monologues for the class and received (written) peer feedback.

  • If absent or quarantined, you will be submitting your monologue performance via Google Classroom.  Follow the instructions below: 

    • How to Record / Upload your monologue performance:

      • Go to Google Classroom and use the link provided to upload a video of your monologue performance.  Do this PRIOR to 4/30.  This performance WILL be graded, so be sure you take the time to rehearse and feel good about your choices/character/performance before recording yourself and uploading it.  (Also be sure you make/show physical character choices - THAT is what you're being graded on.)  Reach out if you want any extra help or need one-on-one guidance. 

      • Note:  You only need to perform 30 seconds of your monologue.  Be sure the 30+ seconds you choose SHOWS your PHYSICAL CHOICES (since that's what you're being graded on).  A's (IB scores of 7-8) will be reserved for students who perform the whole monologue.

2.) Discussed our FINAL acting project in which students will learn about techniques & methods to develop  strong character in a scene with another actor.  (Read about your final partner acting assignment HERE)  

3.) Explored various scene options and determine which scene you may want to perform with a partner.  (See below.)


    (You will be required to choose a partner & a scene - read descriptions of each of the scenes/plays HERE)


     Scenes with 1  male & 1  female:

     Scenes with 2 females:

     Scenes with 2 males:

(If absent or quarantined, check back AFTER class on Thursday for the remainder of this day's lesson.  It will be based on how far we get during class on Thursday.)

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