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Advanced Acting: Producing a Show (Process)

Statement of Inquiry: 

Process is a key that unlocks creativity. 

What questions will help to drive our exploration in this unit

Q1: What creates strong process and when is it most needed in the arts?  (conceptual)

Q2: What aspects of theatre production must be honored through strong process?  (factual)

         Q3: Can creativity exist outside of process?  (debatable)


What key concept is important in this unit?

DEVELOPMENT (the act or process of growth, evolution, and improvement)

RELATIONSHIPS (the connections & associations between properties, objects, people, and ideas)

AESTHETICS (the characteristics of creation, meaning, and perception of beauty & taste)



What related concepts (to relationships) will we focus on in this unit?

 interpretation, style, narrative



Which global context will help us explore important ideas in this unit?




What RUBRICS will be used to asseess students in this Unit?

IB Rubric:  Dramaturgy  (IB Criterion A: Knowing & Understanding)

IB Rubric:  Character Interpretation (Collage)  (IB Criterion C: Thinking Creatively)

IB Rubric:  Personal Design Project  (Criterion C:  Thinking Creatively)

IB Rubric:  Rehearsal Process (Criterion B:  Developing Skills)

IB Rubric:  Process Journal (Criterion D:  Responding)


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