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Acting Unit  1:  Stage

The human need to express ideas & creativity results in a culture's art. 

What questions will help to drive our exploration in this unit?

Q1:  What constitutes ART?                               

Q2:  How do IDEAS take FORM?                       

Q3:  What do we BELIEVE as authentic & why?



What key concept is important in this unit?

AESTHETICS (the creation, meaning, & perception of what "looks good" and why)



What related concepts (to aesthetics) will we focus on in this unit?

composition, expression, audience



Which global context will help us explore important ideas in this unit?



What "approaches to learning" (i.e. strategies & skills) will we use frequently in this unit?




What RUBRICS will be used to asseess students in this Unit?

Rubric #1:  Knowledge & Understanding (used to assess knowledge & understanding of stage directions & terms learned during unit)

Rubric #2:  Thinking Creatively (used to assess students' abilitly to develop, perform, & articulate their artistic intentions in 4 original scenes)






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