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Acting Unit  2:  Story

Click HERE for questions, key concepts, global contexts"approaches to learning" & RUBRICS that will be used in Unit 2.


(Click for printable Unit 2 Schedule - more detailed information available HERE) 




     Below are videos & supplemental resources provided in Unit 1... 



       "KP's Theatre Class - Plot"  (NOTES)                                          


















     Optional Reading:  Plot (a fireworks analogy)

     Optional Link:  Climactic vs. Episodic Plots




     Reading:  How to Read a Play

     Optional Crossword:  How to Read a Play




     "KP's Theatre Class - Characterization"  (NOTES)



















     Handout:  Laban Movement Qualities


     Improvisation:  Yes, and...

     Improvisation:  Giving Gifts

     Improvisation:  Establishing Environment

     Reflection:  Participation in (4) Improvised Scenes






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